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I’ve worked with Jax through PoleCon and personally on my own social media running a challenge together. I’ve found her to be super responsive, timely and a great marketing partner! If you’re looking for someone who not only is a great teacher but understands how critical doing the 'business stuff' is to running successful (and profitable) pole classes, events or workshops, you’ve found the right person in Jax.

Colleen Jolly
HBIC, International Pole Convention

Jax has been an absolute pleasure to work with as a judge and Unicorn ambassador for Pole Sport Organization. She lives out our values of inclusivity and community by supporting a diverse range of dancers and volunteering her time to help out others. She always seeks to do a good job at what she's asked to do as an ambassador. As a judge, she takes the time to evaluate the competitors in a methodical, supportive, and helpful way. We love having her on the team!
Thank you, Jax!

Amy Guion
Pole Sport Organiztion

In 2013, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and training under Jax Spencer. Her knowledge, experience, and uplifting personality make her the kind of pole instructor students admire and look up to. Over the years I’ve seen Jax set in place countless goals and gracefully smash every single one of them. Jax is a massive inspiration as an artist, athlete, coach, business owner, and all around boss lady. 

Waverly Jones
Owner, Empyrean Arts NC, USA

Jax has performed in Metal Pole Mayhem many times over the years and its always a pleasure to work with her. She submits her concepts early and always has something unique in her concepts that keeps the audiences entertained. She has a lot of tricks in her repertoire so audiences are left in awe. Jax is always where she's needed at the appointed time and is are always willing to lend a hand when needed.
I recommend working with her whenever you get the opportunity.

Theresa Rappleye
Show Creator, Metal Pole Mayhem

Jax graced our CAT Studio dance floor the summer of 2018.
Her energy is inviting, motivating and contagious. We really enjoyed her knowledge of anatomy of body movements and points of contact.
I am thankful to have her in this community. She is a colleague I always feel comfortable reaching to out. Can not wait to have her back again!

Jessica Williams
Owner, CAT Studio, MA

Jax is incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and patient. I’ve studied with her in both group classes and private lessons, in person and online. She explains and demonstrates pole moves in a way that makes them easy to learn—and she can always tell EXACTLY what I need to tweak when something isn’t working. Even when we had to move our private lessons online—she still knew! She also knows how to cater to your skill level and push you just enough to achieve something new. Not to mention she is professional and easy to work with on scheduling. Just love her!

Jacki "Ninja"
Student, SC USA

I contacted Jax after seeing a lady’s post on Facebook – she had managed to get her handspring after only one online session with Jax! I emailed and asked about private sessions as the studios were closed due to COVID-19. I got a lovely email back from Jax and we arranged our first Zoom session.

From the minute we met online I knew Jax was down to earth, friendly and easy to talk to – but at the same time she is extremely talented and a great motivator. Jax had me doing shoulder mounts on my ‘bad side’ from lesson 2, I have learned a massive amount from Jax all via Zoom. Jax really makes you believe in yourself because she believes in you! I wouldn’t have dreamt I could do half the moves Jax has taught me, but here I am spinning into a Superman or Pterodactyl, Marley and a Remi-Sit, Brass Monkey and Brass Bridge. We are around 8/9 weeks in and I look forward to every Tuesday evening – each time we’ve finished I feel accomplished, proud and sometimes amazed at what I’m capable of – thanks to Jax and her fabulous teaching skills!

I’m in the UK so for me the best thing to have come out of the Coronavirus pandemic has been the opportunity to train with Jax Spencer! I cannot recommend Jax highly enough – go book a lesson, you won’t look back! Thanks for everything Jax.

Kirsty Forrest
Student, UK

Jax brings AMAZING energy to her private sessions whether she is joining you from home or her purple palace. She has a good eye for trouble-shooting your tricky spots and can give you tips and tricks to gain strength and confidence in new and familiar territory. She has countless tricks and combos she can share and can come up with something on the fly, if you have a squirrel moment during your session (I’m easily distracted by wanting to learn all the things). I also can’t thank her enough for ALWAYS making me try both sides. Not only is it good for me in general, but sometimes I get moves I wouldn’t expect to get, simply by trying the “dork” side. Can’t recommend her enough!

Maria Moore
Student, VA USA

When I first came began working with Jax I was hesitant due to having a less than stellar experience with a previous instructor. Jax quickly proved that she was knowledgeable and accepting of all body types and levels of experience. Being a plus size poler comes with its own challenges but she was able to develop routines that fit my skill level and that made me feel confident in my body. Jax is a phenomenal instructor and I can’t recommend her enough!

Kristin Backwell-Bailey
Student, SC USA

Jax Spencer is truly one of the best instructors I have ever worked with. Being in the pole community for over ten years I strive on private instruction. Working with the industries best she is on the top of my list as one of THE best instructors I have ever worked with. If you are a beginner to advanced she will help you reach your goals. Tricks and transitions i’ve been trying to achieve for years I have been able to achieve in a matter of one lesson with Jax.  She is one of a kind!

Tracy Logan
Student, CO USA

Jax is the kind of instructor you hope for: she knows when & how to push you beyond what you think you can do and believes in her students oftentimes more than they believe in themselves! She never complicates things (that often look complicated) and breaks down pole moves in a way that even YOU can do. This is the mark of an excellent instructor!
I have taken her classes both online and in studio. Jax teaches the same in both environments so you feel you are getting her attention and corrections when needed, and you are safe in her studio because of her years of teaching. As an older pole student, I have never felt Jax treated me any differently than her younger students, which is helpful to one’s confidence in this sport of beautiful, strong people.
If anyone asked me where to take class, Jax is my first recommendation!

Shannon O'Lear
Student, SC USA

Here is an explanation of why you should book with Jax. A little background info, I've only been poling since late August 2019. While I'm not the greatest- since working with Jax, my technique and execution has greatly improved. I had met her through a workshop my home studio had held in October. By then I had already picked up ugly habits (climbing wrong, inverting wrong, etc..) Since working with her in March, my inverts have improved exponentially, she's helped me trouble shoot when something doesn't feel right, given thorough explanations of what muscles I should be using, and what it should feel like when doing said combos. It's not just technical jargon either. She explains it how YOU learn things. Which is great for people like me- who need things explained about 7 times with a visual. Thankfully she's patient lol. I have learned floorwork, power spins, spinning pole combos, and much more. Here's the greatest part. THIS WAS ALL ONLINE. I could only imagine how much better it is in person! What I really enjoy is she has a vast amount of knowledge about all styles. Exotic, dynamic, lowflow, etc.. and encourages you to find YOUR style and give you the tools to pick out a good learning environment if you decide to train with other instructors. She also answers my questions damn near 24/7 and doubles as a therapist during our sessions (as we can tell o talk, A LOT). Outside of this her customer service skills are on point and shes timely. Jax is extremely valuable and a wonderful person!

Lara Hotz
Student, GA USA

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