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Online & In Person

Interested in private training with Jax? Let's do all the things! Training can cover so many things to assist on your pole journey!
Ranging from Pole Dance/Flow/Exotic to Fitness/Conditioning/Tricks, we can also cover all the avenues! Splits training, Floorwork, Low Flow, Twerk, Lap & Chair Dance, Heel Work, Movement and SO much more! 
Choose from local private lessons, online courses and *NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS* for in-home traincations!


Internet Friends! (Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Instagram)

Online Lessons:
- Prices start @ $60/hr 
-  A deposit of $20 is due upon booking appointment. Balances are paid prior to the lesson or not more than 12 hours after the lesson has been conducted. Prices are agreed upon booking with Jax and the client. 
Deposits are non-refundable.
- Choice of: Skype, Instagram Video, Facebook Messenger or Zoom are options. Choose your best platform while booking and allow a secondary choice in case WiFi or any other interruptions should occur. 
- Please state if you would like to warm up during your lesson or if you will be adequately warmed up prior to your appointment. 
- All lessons are booked in EST (Eastern Standard Time) as Jacqueline is based out of Greenville, South Carolina, USA.
- All lessons are by appointment only. Please email


Living or Traveling to Greenville, SC, USA? Join her at her home studio - The Pole Academy!

Feeling shy and unsure about group lessons? Need extra help on something? Prefer to create your own workout plan? Schedule a Private class at your convenience and have one on one instruction. We can create a personalized workout plan targeting what you want most out of your experience. If Group classes make you uncomfortable, Private is the way to go. Get your entire workout in the privacy you are comfortable with!

Private One-On-One:  $50/hr OR 6 for $250 Package

Train for a full hour at The Pole Academy. The studio has (8) 14' poles, large wall and mirror space and spaced for standard competitions. Create a lesson plan together setting goals, train for showcases & competitions, create choreo or just get some tricks in! 


Bring A Friend: $40/ea ($80) per/hr

Some students prefer to do a Private class with a friend! That's $10 off each person if you and a friend schedule a class together!

$30 deposit to hold space - deposit added towards remaining balance


Private Class Cancellation Fee:

 $30 deposit (per person) required for future classes if canceling a Private class within 24 hours.


Weekend Warriors! Join Jax in Greenville and Train all weekend!


Join Jax for an extended amount of time and spend a weekend with her in Greenville, SC! Personal training, group classes at her studio -The Pole Academy, non-pole conditioning & more!

What's Included:

- Transportation to & form Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) airport. 

- Private guest room & bath.

- In-Home Meals

- Private Training on & off pole @ The Pole Academy & In-Home

Additional Fun:

- Group Classes (The Pole Academy)

- Massage (60 - 90 Mins)

- Downtown Tour Social (Dinner, Drinks & Sites on the town!)

- Girl's Night In (PJ's, movie, music videos!)

- Pedicures (Esp. after heel work!)


- Bookings by application only

- Transportation to or from Jax not provided or included in prices. (except to & from GSP & Jax's home)

- Pricing & accommodations for 1 person (inquire for more guests)

- No children or pets

- Meals outside home not included


1 Day: $300

2 Days: $550

3 Days: $800

4+: Discounts for Extended Stays

*Allergy/ Fear Alert: Jax has 2 cats (Tsuki & Pandora)

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